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Portable fans are a functional necessity when the weather gets muggy. The added air circulation directed right where it is most needed can save people from fatigue, sweating at the office, and being uncomfortable at home. Most people dig out the portable fans as a last resort because they can be boring, clunky, in the way, and downright ugly. There are some occasions when a portable fan is the only way to improve airflow. If a ceiling is low, a ceiling fan may not be possible to install. Tight spaces, such as alcoves, nooks, and some corners, are also not suitable for a ceiling fan. An air conditioner may also be out of the question, depending on the size and layout of the area.

Fortunately, there are manufacturers that design portable fans in many styles, finishes, and sizes. Minka Aire, for example, makes a portable fan that resembles a small end table or an ottoman. It adds to the decor as it circulates the air. Fanimation has several collections of portable fans including Fargo, Old Havana, and Fitzgerald. There is one floor fan that has a tripod base and looks very elegant. The Urbanjet table fan has a vintage look and will match any room decor. This fan has three speeds, oscillates, and comes in milky ivory, spicy red, baby blue, mysterious black, and sonic silver.

Hunter Fans also manufactures stylish portable fans that customers would be happy to add to any room or a home office. Kichler is yet another manufacturer with collections of portable fans. Most portable fans that are available at home improvement stores or department stores are the small metal type or the ugly box fans that go in the window. If there is space, sometimes customers will find a colorful fan that will clip to a desk or table top. To view and purchase designs that you would be proud to place in any space, look online at websites that specialize in fans or lighting. They have the space to showcase the wide selection of fans that are available. Portable fans do not have to boring, and the high-quality designer ones do not have to be expensive.

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