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Do you ever forget to turn off your outdoor lights in the morning? I do. Vaxcel Lighting has a large seletion of dusk to dawn outdoor lighting. With this type of lighting you can leave the switch on and the lighting magically comes on by itself when it gets dark and then turns off in the morning when it's light. This can save the average person a lot of money when it comes to leaving lights on. Use energy efficient light bulbs in these fixtures and save even more. Vaxcel is also a producer of every type of lighting for the home including chandeliers, wall lights, vanity lighting and ceiling fans.


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A ceiling fan or a chandelier? It is an age-old debate in home design and décor that has its fair share of proponents on both sides. Both have their own incredible style if used properly. They both add brisk lighting to improve the overall mood and aesthetic of the room both outdoor and indoor.

Find both ceiling fans and chandeliers at Vaxcel lighting. Their current inventory is exceptional and grand. Homeowners can find a breadth of options that accentuate the best of luxurious chandelier décor and ceiling fans. The great thing is that homeowners can personalize their space with these two extremes. While ceiling fans are usually serviceable, chandeliers have a special distinction. They enchant the lighting with a special vitality.

Light From Above: Properly Using a Ceiling Fan in Home Lighting

A ceiling fan is over-utilized in home décor. A great ceiling fan is generally there to provide great lighting. It is not necessary to have the ceiling fan itself be extremely expensive or especially luxurious. Cheap ceiling fans are present to service a more important part of the puzzle- the light. Dazzling lights can sprinkle from above and coat the entire living or dining room in an enchanting glow. The focus is never on the ceiling fan. Very rarely will anyone come in and complement the nice service of a ceiling fan. They are simply a tool. For families shopping on a budget, they can obtain a cheap ceiling fan, and keep the focus on the light of the space below. Bathroom lighting would benefit from a smaller light. For most homes, both a chandelier and a ceiling fan would be ill-fitting in a bathroom. This leads to a final home lighting option.

A Rustic Chandelier and a Classy Allure

A chandelier is not inherently modern, for the style dates back to a Victorian excess not seen popular since the 1800's. This leads to the whimsical charm of modern chandeliers. A rustic chandelier is a dazzling spectacle, mannered with a vibrant and sensational style. For Ceiling Lighting, chandeliers deliver something ceiling fans rarely can- a classy fervor.

Another Option: Wall Lights and Side Lighting

Both a chandelier and a ceiling fan have to hang directly up by default. The light is accentuated throughout the entire space, and the light hangs from above to maximize its beautiful spread. It is not the only option for lighting with Vaxcel Lighting. Wall lights are quaint and simple, and they typically hang along the wall. The most popular place to position them is against the exterior wall of the home. Some designers will actually use two or three of them along the wall, and perhaps placed on the other facing wall.

Homeowners could not go wrong with any of the above three options in lighting design. They all have some strengths and weaknesses. The most important element is to include a ceiling lighting option that matches the energy and use of the room. Bathrooms use wall lights. Exterior patios use ceiling fans, and chandeliers deliver a classy stylistic energy that is unique and refreshing.

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