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What would home be like without table lamps? A table lamp is decorative, but adds so much more to a room than beauty. The soft glow of a table lamp is welcoming in a dark room. Readers appreciate having the perfect light source wherever it's needed. Decorators use beautiful table lamps to add the finishing touch to the decor.

Anyone can choose a table lamp that suits their personal style, whether they appreciate a classic look or want something fun and quirky. There is a table lamp available for every need. Small table lamps are perfect for a nightstand or desk, while impressive, large table lamps will literally highlight the living room.

The Flexibility of the Use of Table Lamps

Instead of installing expensive, permanent lighting, consider the use of easily replaced table lamps. Unlike wall lights, table lamps do not require permanent installation, but are portable and easily moved as desired. Changing the lamp's light from soft to bright is as easy as turning a switch or replacing a light bulb.

The Different Types and Uses for Table Lamps

Cheap Table Lamps

There are almost endless choices available in table lamps, but it's not necessary to break the budget to find lamps that will look as though you spent a "million." Beautiful lamps from top designers such as Kenroy or Kichler are available in a wide range of styles. Kenroy Lighting, for example, offers elegant designs inspired by nature that fit perfectly into either an Asian-influenced room or a country setting.

By comparison, Kichler has some very modernistic lamps among their designs that fit perfectly into a sleek, minimalist setting. Any office would be complemented with a One Light Banker Lamp, adding a professional touch to the desk. For less than $100, it is simple to replace lamps with the seasons, making it simple to complement holiday decorations or achieve an updated look instantly.

Cal Lighting

Cal Lighting is a very versatile designer and manufacturer, offering table lamps in a wide choice of styles and prices ranges. The look of an existing lamp can be instantly changed with the addition of a new shade, such as their Round Woven Twig Shade. A formal, antique-looking lamp with a sculptured base would add old-world charm to a small table or sideboard.

Lite Source

Lite Source is another designer with lamps for every taste and budget. Selections range from a classic, goose-neck desk lamp to an amusing table lamp with a simple, classic base and a "fun" shade to impressive, formal designs. With over 1,000 of their selections in stock, it would be easy to find just what you have been searching for.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can be selected to complement table lamps or as a one-of-a-kind lamp to highlight an area within the room. While floor lamps are perfect when used near a reader's chair, they are used in some setting almost as a piece of sculpture. Choose the Floor Lamp that suits you best and catches your eye.

Choosing the Best Table Lamps for Your Home

The table lamp choices can seem overwhelming, but don't be intimidated. Browse the selections with an open mind. Often, a particular lamp will suddenly jump off the page and scream, "Take me home!" Of course, if a particular style or type must be found, simple search for that style and look over the possibilities. Whatever the choice, the table lamp will be a welcome addition to the home for many years to come.

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