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When the new home is all decorated and ready to move into, or the home remodeling project is almost completed, check out the lighting. Is every place well lit? Are there some spots that don't have enough light, but don't have wall space available for a wall lamp? There are beautiful floor lamps available to plug in near the space that needs more light. Floor lamps solve many lighting problems with style and practicality. Before that decorating job is completed, check the need for additional light that table lamps or floor lamps can provide. Even an existing room can be improved with the addition of coordinating lamps.

The Advantage Of Using Floor Lamps

When there is no room for a wall sconce near a chair or sofa at the edge of a room, a floor lamp may be the perfect solution. Floor lamps have a cord and can be plugged into a nearby electrical outlet rather than being hard wired. These lamps come with one, two, or even three lamps attached attractively to a vertical base. Many of these lamp bases have adjustable heights. One can even get floor lamps that have small tables attached to the base. These lamps come in many styles and finishes so that they can be purchased to math the design of the room and the personality of the homeowner.

There Are Many Different Sizes And Types Of Floor Lamps

These lamps come in different styles, finishes and types. There are several useful features to look for. Floor lamps can have features like multiple lights, adjustable heights, and three-way light bulbs. They can have swinging arms or come in the form od arc lamps or torchiers. These useful lamps can have adjustable lights or halogen lights, and they can be used with energy-saving light bulbs.v Floor lights are both decorative and functional. Another advantage is that they can be moved as needed. Fitting the lamp to the space it will be used in is important for success.

Choosing the Correct Lamp And Properly Installing It

Once the decision has been made to use a floor lamp, it is important to choose wisely. How far is the electrical outlet from the area the light will be used in? What size lamp will fit the space and the use? What finish will coordinate the best with the room's decor? How much and what kind of light is needed? Is the light fixture to be functional or decorative? Reading lamps need to provide a different kind and intensity of light than lamps that are only meant to light up a dark corner. If the budget is small there are cheap floor lamps available at many sources. If the budget allows, purchase a good quality floor lamp with all the features that may be needed. Make sure the light fixture has a long enough cord to reach the power source.

Finding The Best Floor Lamps

Some of the best manufacturers of quality lamps are Quoizel, Cal lighting, Artcraft Lighting, Lite Source, and Kichler. These and more brands can be found at quality lamp shops and online dealers such as lightingtheweb.com. Shopping online often gives the customer a bigger selection of lights to choose from. Make sure that the lighting supplier warranties all lamps and has a good return policy in case of shipping damage or defects. For more information, please go to the website.

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