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Fanimation comes to mind when you are looking for a unique ceiling fan design. They offer a wide variety of designs from industrial ceiling fans all the way to tropical fan designs. They have spent a lot of time designing high end looking finishes to go with their unique designs. Each fan is built with a lifetime warranty on the motor. Currently they are the only fan company to offer belt driven ceiling fan.


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Many people like to relax in the air conditioner when the temperatures soar; however, others prefer the cool, spinning air of a fan. All different types of fans exist for both the inside and the outside, and they all serve their own unique purposes. Selecting from one of the many Fanimation Fans does more than just blow some air around the house. Manifold benefits exist to installing a fan in the house or outside on the deck or by the patio.

Outdoor ceiling fans help people to enjoy the summer weather. Many individuals have planned to spend time outdoors in the summer. However, the season comes, and the temperatures are too hot. When the fall arrives, these people are upset that they did not get to go outside more, but it was simply too warm. By installing fans outside, individuals can go relax. Whether they want to read a book in the cool air or stay at a moderate temperature when grilling food, Fanimation fans for the outdoors are a suitable solution. These fans are particularly useful for the elderly or for people who suffer from certain conditions that make them get overheated. Choosing this type of ceiling fan is a good idea for people who tend to have a lot of parties in the summer; the guests can stay cool as well.

Portable fans are also available. These fans are a good idea for people who travel a great deal or who tend to stay at the house of others. Not all individuals have air conditioning, but many people need it to sleep comfortably. Therefore, people can bring these fans along with them on trips if necessary. Such fans are also useful within the house. If, for example, an air conditioning unit breaks in one part of the house, the fan can just be moved into that space. Also, on particular warm days, the hottest room of the house may be unbearable even with the air conditioning. People can move the fan into that room to ensure the air is circulating.

Low profile fans and other indoor models help to keep the house cool on even the hottest of days, but they also serve another important purpose. They assist individuals in saving money on their electric bills. When the air conditioner is constantly running, the bill for the electric is likely to prove quite high. A fan does not require as much energy to use; therefore, individuals can save money. When the temperatures are mild in the spring and fall months, and even on some of the cooler days in the summer, people can just open up the windows and turn on the fan. The fan has another use in this situation as well. It helps to circulate the wonderful outdoor air throughout the house and to bring in the scents of the season with Fanimation.

Not only can these indoor fans help people to save money, but they can work well for budget-conscious businesses. Some businesses are unable to buy air conditioning units. Of course, they need to pay attention to the health and safety of their employees. Schools, however, are prime examples of places where air conditioning does not exist, especially in areas where students barely attend classes during the summer months. Having a fan can help to keep everyone in the room cool and to ensure that the classroom is a productive place. While some corporate arenas do need to have air conditioning, other places, particularly seasonal ones, can benefit from fans. Therefore, as a result of all these benefits, fan have a great deal to offer to people who use them both inside and outside.

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