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Whether a home has family photographs hanging on the wall, or expensive artwork, there are ways to make these pieces look even more spectacular. Picture lighting is the way to make these pieces stand out and shine. These types of display lights are different from traditional ceiling light fixtures. While ceiling lights light up an entire room, wall lighting, such as the type that focuses attention on artwork, and photographs is task oriented. It illuminates a specific area, rather than an entire room. These lights will draw attention to the areas of the home that the homeowner considers important.

Where to hang artwork, lighting

Hudson Valley lighting has a large variety of task lighting options that would be perfect for illuminating a special piece of art within the home. Once the fixture is chosen, it's important to hang it in the right place. It should be placed just above the piece that is being showcased. This allows the light to shine down on the piece. The light will draw attention to whatever is hanging there. For those who want an extra dramatic effect, leave the area immediately surrounding the artwork dark. The result is simply stunning.

Where to use these lights

Dainolite task lighting can be used anywhere in a home or office. However, many homeowners choose to have their artwork hung in the living room where more people can enjoy it. Those who have a long hallway, or large entry way may choose to hang their pieces here. Again, this allows the piece to get the special attention that they deserve. Artwork hung in a bedroom is often hidden away. The kitchen is not a good place for art, as the heat, and grease that's often found in the kitchen can damage the art.


Spotlights are another wonderful option for lighting up displays in the home. Unlike the task lighting designed for pictures, spotlights can be used on other types of art as well. For example, sculptures. Spotlights are placed under the piece that they will be illuminating. A spotlight is often adjustable so that owners can change the angle of the light to suit their needs.

Recessed lighting

A final option for illuminating pictures is recessed lighting. This is a type of ceiling lighting. Choose options that are adjustable so that the light can be directed to focus on the pictures that are being highlighted. Recessed ceiling lights are a wonderful option for those who do not want to use up wall space for their lights. It's important to note that recessed lighting that it's used as task lighting will result in the homeowner still needing traditional ceiling lights in the room.

Play around with different styles of lighting throughout the house. There are so many more options than traditional ceiling fixtures. Highlight the gorgeous special items in any home with task lighting that can be adjusted or focused on these special items. The home will have a more dramatic look and feel when these types of lights are used.

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