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The appearance of the exterior of a home is very important because it affects the value of the property and can determine how people view the residents of the house. Little extras that may seem inconsequential often have the biggest impact on the home. This includes accessories like lighting, a simple addition that provides a lot of the atmosphere.

Address lights are a feature that are both decorative and for safety purposes. Installing attractive and easily viewed address plaques make it easier for others to find the home. This includes guests, delivery services and emergency services. Having these plaques appropriately lit will make it possible to locate the residence, regardless of the time of day people arrive. These items are easiest to find when they are placed either beside the front door or beside an entry gate on fenced homes. All vegetation should be kept trimmed to keep them visible.

Security lighting is another consideration that can prevent accidents and deter prowlers. With adequate lighting, it is easy to move around the yard comfortably even after the sun has set. Motion sensors prevent the lights from increasing the utility bill, but brighten the yard when people arrive. They are also a good warning when an uninvited guest enters the yard. This is equally beneficial for homeowners who worry about intruders as well as those who want advance warning for pests like a skunk or raccoon.

Outdoor sconces are often very decorative and can be purchased singly or in pairs. They should be mounted beside every exterior door to prevent falls. They are also recommended for the exterior of garages and sheds to eliminate the need for a flashlight when they need to be accessed at night.

Sea Gull lighting carries an array of distinctive exterior lights, address lights and signs. They offer traditional styles as well as post-mounted lanterns and pendant lights, a unique option for porches and covered patios. By purchasing all exterior lighting from one place it is easy to coordinate all of these individual items.

Brightly lit homes and yards are charming and increase the curb appeal of the home. Just as a flower garden or row of shrubs adds the perfect final touch during the daytime, lighting is the perfect decorative addition at night.

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