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Golden Lighting began in the early 1990's and mainly sold ceiling fans that were imported from overseas. Over the years they have branched out into decorative lighting fixtures and supply lighting showrooms and electrical wholesale houses. Golden has an extensive line including contemporary, modern and traditional light fixtures. Designers and home owners alike will be inspired by the selection that Golden offers.

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There are a wide array of Golden Lighting fixture styles. Lighting is not only a functional aspect of every home, it's also decorative. With so many different styles and designs, homeowners may feel overwhelmed trying to choose the right one for a specific room or area in the home. The following guide is designed to help homeowners understand and choose the best options for any area.


A chandelier is a decorative light that hangs. What makes it different from other hanging lights is the fact that it has space for several light bulbs. Chandeliers come in many shapes and styles. These lights can be used in any room, where you want an elegant look. They are lovely in a foyer, bedroom, dining room, and even the bathroom.

Drum chandeliers are chandeliers in the sense that they have several arms for bulbs. However, with the drum style, you'll find a drum shaped shade around the entire chandelier. This often gives the light a more modern look.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting also hangs down. However, unlike the chandelier that has multiple branches, the pendant lighting has just one bulb. These are perfect for using over kitchen islands. Multiple pendant lights are used across the length of the island.

Bar lights

Bar lights are one of the best option for bathroom lighting. Bar lights are usually used over bathroom vanities. They focus light where it's needed as people get dressed, shave, fix their hair, and apply makeup. Bar lights are usually placed horizontally. However, they can be placed vertically as well. In the bathroom, bar lights work along with ceiling lighting. While the bar is focused on one area of the bathroom, the ceiling light provides lighting for the rest of the room.

Bar lights are also used in the kitchen as under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting is a wonderful addition to the kitchen.


Wall sconces are used inside and outside the home. They are often placed on either side of the front door to give the home a welcoming glow. Inside they are used on walls. Sconces can come in swing arm styles so that they can be moved away from the wall when the light is needed. These are great for use in the bedroom on either side of the bed. Wall sconces are also perfect for showcasing certain special items within the home. Their beam of light can be directed to highlight artwork.

Sconces are also used as task lighting. Task lighting is lighting that is used only at certain times. A desk lamp is an example of task lighting. It's used to light up the desk's work area.

Use this guide to help choose the best lighting options for any space. For added impact, go beyond basic when it's time to choose lighting fixtures. The right fixture gives a room, additional impact. A nice room, can be elevated to a fabulous room with the right chandelier, or wall sconce. Have fun choosing just the right light for every room in the home.

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