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Choosing the right lighting for a child's room is much different than the rest of the home. In fact, many parents find it's more difficult to choose the right lighting for a child's room because of all of the options that are available. There are a few important considerations that need to be taken into account and the parent will want to pay attention to what the child prefer to find the right lighting for their room.

Safety First

When considering children's wall lighting, safety is an important consideration. The lights should be high enough they cannot be pulled down and there should be no cords that could be yanked on or unplugged. The lights should also be high enough the child can't climb to touch them so they can't burn their fingers on the light bulb. Furniture should be placed away from the fixtures to discourage climbing and make it more difficult to reach them.

Find a Style They Like

If the child is old enough, it's important to get their opinion on the details for their room. After all, they're going to be the one in it most often. Let them take the time to look at various lighting fixtures. Brands like Craftmade, Crystorama, and Justice Design have plenty of options they're going to love. Help them find fixtures that are going to fit in with the overall theme of the room or be something that's fun and colorful. Lighting fixtures for children's rooms are often inexpensive so it's possible to mix and match different fixtures they really like.

Don't Forget Nightlights

If the child is scared of the dark or needs to be able to see for potty training at night, it's important to have a smaller light that can be turned on just to let them see a little at night. This light shouldn't be too bright and should be able to be turned on when the rest of the lights are off.

A larger part of the fun of choosing lighting for children's rooms is the ability to have fun with the fixtures. From wall sconces shaped like a rocket flying through the universe to a ceiling fan that looks like an airplane, there's going to be a variety of options any child will love. Keep safety in mind and help them pick out the fixtures so they'll love their newly designed room.

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