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     Casablanca Ceiling Fans
     Casablanca Fans has always been the leader in the latest design trends and quality. Their design
     team is always looking for ways to create original designs and ideas to keep them on top. They use
     inspiration from art, traveling the world and beautiful architecture. Casablanca fans has also made
     commitment to their customers by providing one of the best warranty programs in the business.
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Casablanca has a reputation of being one of the worlds finest ceiling fan manufactures. By combining elegance, versatility, efficiency, endurance and comfort. Each ceiling fan is crafted with the precision craftsmanship, quality parts and engineered  for superior efficiency to last for many years to come.  Casablanca fans has made a commitment to quality in every detail. This shows by providing quailty motors that are engineered to provide mor power and be much quieter than most motors on the market. They back this with a lifetime motor warranty and a 120 in home service warranty. They also provide a 1 year parts and electronics warranty that out last the industry standard. They have also made a great commitment to providing energy efficent fans and are leading the way in DC motor technology that can save you up to 70% over a average fan motor.
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Casablanca Reviews

Casablanca Fan Reviews
Casablanca fans is the worlds finest ceiling fan manufacture. They stand behind the products like no other ceiling fan manufacture. Read all the great reviews and write your own to share your experience on your Casablanca Ceiling Fan.

Casablanca Fans  

 If you are redecorating or remodeling your home one thing you will want to consider is adding a ceiling fan in central locations such as a living room or play room.  Anyone who has a ceiling fan in their home will tell you how great they are because they not only look good, but they are also quite functional.  Most all models available today are able to operate both clockwise and counter clockwise which means they are suitable for use in both summer and winter time.  One of the most popular brands is Casablanca fans which has a solid reputation of manufacturing high quality fans for an affordable price.  They offer a variety of styles which means you can find one that will match the existing style and décor of the room where you plan to install the fan.  Casablanca fans are also available in a variety of prices, so you can find a model to fit even the smallest of budgets.  You can read more below about the different fans available and what to look for in a ceiling fan.

 One of the biggest factors when choosing a model is whether to consider ceiling fans with lights or models without lights.  In most cases those which have lights are going to be slightly higher in cost but they also offer the benefits of an additional light fixture.  If you are putting a ceiling fan in a spot where a light used to go you will likely want to choose a model with a light in it.  There are a large number of Casablanca fans available in both configurations, so you can find the exact style you want.  You can view the lineup of models available from Casablanca fans at


Another factor to consider when choosing a ceiling fan is whether or not you want to model that comes with a remote control.  This can be quite convenient, especially if you are installing the fan in your bedroom.  Many times you will want your fan on high when you go to bed but later in the night when it cools down you will want to turn it to low.  Instead of having to get up in the middle of the night to pull the chain to change speeds, you can just click a button and go right back to sleep.  This may not be as big of a factor when installing in an area such as a living room, but it still offers the ultimate in convenience.  When visiting the above website you can click on the remote option to search for Casablanca ceiling fans with or without a remote.

 The lineup of Casablanca ceiling fans currently for sale consist of models in many different colors and finishes.  There are natural wood grain finishes which are a great match for rooms with bare wood or exposed beams.  Another option is the modern and sleek looking models that feature a brushed nickel finish.  This has a very clean and futuristic look to it which goes well with any room featuring a more contemporary design.  Regardless of what type of ceiling fan you are looking for, you will be able to find it at the above website as they have a massive selection from Casablanca fans and other manufacturers.